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I have met all kinds of strange people amongst artists, including painters who
never paint! There are fortunately some creators which are enthusiastic about
their passion and who by no means fear to appear old-fashioned, by dipping
their fingers in paint. Thus appears Karine LEMOINE, this young artist trained
through evening classes of the Fine Art School of Rouen given by Christian
SAUVE, and who exalts the magie of a thoroughly understood figurative style,
driven by her emotion, as a release of her own alarmed and apprehensive
Relentlessiy learning in order to better express the faces, the bodies, such is the
goal of Karine LEMOINE.
And it must be said that she wonderfully achieves her objective, so successful
she is with her sketches and paintings, the reality and the beauty of the beings
with whom she has made herself a generous accomplice thanks to her strong and
precise brushstroke, full of boldly effective colours, inside compositions which
never miss to express her sensuality.
Indeed, the accuracy and the expression of her sketches are remarkable, like an
artwork in itself, just as her paintings impose themselves with an astonishing
presence of naturalness and spontaneous dynamism. It is ail that, the true
temperament of Karine LEMOINE, who, without seeking an easy way, pays
tribute, with her talent, to an authentic and captivating art.

André RUELLAN, critique d'art

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